Makiko Takahashi


1998 Graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design, Department of Crafts Design
2000 Graduated from Tokyo Glass Art Institute
2010 Established STUDIO BAU GLASS in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Solo Exhibitions
2007 Makiko Takahashi Glass Exhibition (Gallery BEABLE/Tokyo)
2009 (~2013) Makiko Takahashi Glass Exhibition (Ashikaga Gallery/Fukushima)
2013 (~2018) Makiko Takahashi Exhibition I~VI (arton art gallery/Kyoto)
2019 Makiko Takahashi Glass Exhibition (Gallery EN Ceramic REZ/Kobe)
2021 Makiko Takahashi Glass Exhibition (Ishikawa Gallery/Tokyo)
2007 New Glass Review28 (Corning Museum of Art/USA)
2014 Jury Prize at GLASS NOW (National Liberty Museum/USA)
2015 Glass Works 2015 (Gallery Tanaka/Tokyo)
2016 Exhibition "Pate de verre", the mysterious technique that fascinated even Dali.
(Notojima Glass Art Museum, Ishikawa)
2016-2017 Where the Light Is (Yuyusha Gallery/Aichi)
2019 Where the light is (Yuyusha Gallery SAPPORO/Hokkaido)
Small Favors2019 (Cray studio/USA)
2019-2020 Recommend2020 (Silkland Gallery/Tokyo)
2021 LIGHT&SHADOW (Redmoon ArtglassGallery/AUS)
Microcosm of Palm (Yuyusha Gallery SAPPORO/Hokkaido)
KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa (Kanazawa)
2022 Kobe Art Marché
Myochikirina fantasy creatures that appear in 'dreams' during sleep. I started creating fantasy creatures in glass eight years ago. The first glass fantasy creature I created was a fluid, green-coloured creature called 'Forest Incarnation'. For about eight years, she has held solo exhibitions of her fantasy creature series in the Kansai region (Kyoto and Kobe), but from 2021 she will change the venue to Tokyo to present her work and renew her commitment to solo exhibitions.
In these uncertain times, I hope you will feel the life force of these fantasy creatures, which have created a paradise called 'Silence and Peace' in their own hearts and are evolving freely.