...was born in Tokyo, Japan.
...started his own business in the environmental business. Dedicated to being president of the company. Started creating artworks at the same time.
...in the midst of the Corona disaster, he started to transmit his artworks on various social networking services in the hope that people all over the world would "grasp new possibilities".
Inspired by the theme of 'cracks' to convey his message.
...begins entering awards and selling her work in earnest.
2021 Jan.
Exhibited at the M.A.D.S exhibition in Milan, Italy.
2021 Mar.
Exhibited at the 23rd AIDS Charity Art Exhibition at the Kyocera Museum of Art. Awarded the Prize of Excellence.
2021 Apr.
Exhibited at the 5th Mahoroba Asuka Art Exhibition at the Nara Prefecture Complex of Manyo Culture. Received the President's Art Prize.
Exhibited at the ARTRUM Group Exhibition organised by GALLERY21 in cooperation with the Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba.
2021 Jun.
Exhibited at the Art Market ih Daiba Group Exhibition organised by GALLERY21 in cooperation with Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba.
Exhibited at FOCUSARTFair in Paris, France.
2021 Aug.
Exhibited at Independent Tokyo 2021.
Exhibited at FOCUSARTFair in London, UK.
Sept 2021. 
Exhibited at Double Tall - Art and Espresso Bar Nihonbashi Group Exhibition.

Feb 2022.
Selected for the 27th National Exhibition of Selected Artists of Japan and exhibited at the Ueno Royal Museum.
2022 Apr First solo exhibition (Ishikawa Gallery/Ginza).
    June ART MOMENTS JAKARTA 2022 (Indonesia).
As the metabolic cycle of destruction and creation accelerates, the world is questioning the reason for the existence of the individual.
 When something disappears, something new is born.
 The current situation we are facing is not only a negative thing, but also a bright thing as the birth of new possibilities.
 The "cracks" I put in my work are the beginning of everything, and the trigger for infinite possibilities that each and every one of us can look into.
 My role is to create a new day for people to receive such possibilities.