1973 Born in Saitama Prefecture 1999 After working for a company for 4 years, entered Department of Life and Art, Faculty of Japanese Culture, Meisei University 2002 The 2nd Art Meets Architecture Competition" Grand Prize 2003 Graduated from Meisei University, Faculty of Japanese Culture, Department of Life and Art, 'Graduation Works Exhibition' Excellent Prize 2004 'The 54th Saitama Prefectural Art Exhibition 2004 "The 54th Saitama Prefecture Art Exhibition" Saitama Governor Prize 2005 The 12th Folk Art Wood Sculpture Exhibition in Oya" Special Prize of the Executive Committee 2006 2006 "2006 Toubi Art Fair Spring" Akihiro Fujimoto Exhibition at Tokyo Bijutsu Club, Tokyo, Japan 007 "Art Fair Tokyo" Akihiro Fujimoto Exhibition at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo 200 8 Wood sculpture installation at ecute Tachikawa 2 009 Letters & Words -invisible- Akihiro Fujimoto wood sculpture exhibition (Sogo Yokohama) 20 10 Eigaban exhibition - Akihiro Fujimoto (wood sculpture) and Hiroki Yoshida (Japanese painting) (Seibu Numazu) 2011 2012 Shapes of Words -flotation- Akihiro Fujimoto wood carving exhibition (Seibu Fukui) 2012 Shapes of Words -ambience- Akihiro Fujimoto wood carving exhibition (Seibu Fukui) 2012 Let's put your words and phrases together -ambience- (Seibu Ikebukuro) 2013 Worked as an assistant to sculptor Satoshi Yuzuchi for 10 years since 2003. 2011 'The Art Fair 2014 Tobi Art Fair', Tokyo 4 '2014 Tobi Art Fair' Akihiro Fujimoto Wood Sculpture Exhibition (Tokyo Bijutsu Club) 20 15 Let's say something -expansion- at Sogo Hiroshima 201 6 Let's say something -narrative- at Seibu Ikebukuro 2017 Let's say something -familiar- at Sogo Hiroshima 2017 language form -familiar- (Sogo Omiya) 2018 language form -connection- (Sogo Omiya) -2019 Words & phrases: Akihiro Fujimoto woodcarving exhibition (Sogo Chiba) 2020 Let's write your sentences - forms - Akihiro Fujimoto woodcarving exhibition (Seibu Ikebukuro) 202 1 Let's write your sentences, etc. Akihiro Fujimoto woodcarving exhibition (Kyoto Daimaru)



By borrowing the power of materials and motifs, and combining them in my work, I feel as if a vague image in my mind is becoming a form. I hope to convey my thoughts and feelings through my works, just as I convey my thoughts through my actions when I write or say ・・・・. I use Japanese cypress as the main material, paint it with lacquer, and color it. I combine motifs of people and animals with "flowers", "tail fins", "wings" ・・・・ and other motifs that I associate with conveying and delivering my messages. I would like to create works of art by combining motifs of people and animals, flowers, tail fins, and wings (), which remind me of my own feelings of conveying and delivering messages.