Ai Kumehara


1989 Born in Saitama, Japan
2015 Completed graduate studies in Japanese painting at Tama Art University
Solo Exhibitions
2021 "To a comfortable place" (Artglorieux GALLERY OF TOKYO/Tokyo)
2021 "To Here and There" (Artglorieux GALLERY OF TOKYO/Tokyo)
2020 "To Here and There" (Itsuki Art Gallery/Tokyo)
Beyond the Crawl (Funen Art Academy/Denmark).
2018 "Utakata no Niwa" (Ueno Royal Museum Gallery/Tokyo)
2018 "Kochi Fukaba" (Gallery Kunimatsu Aoyama/Tokyo)
2016 "Ai Kouhara Solo Exhibition" (Art Space Rashinban/Tokyo)
Group Exhibitions
2019 'Toy Box Exhibition' (Choge-do Gallery/Gifu)
2019 "Haruwa no Tsuki" (Nihonbashi Takashimaya/Tokyo)
2017 'NextArt Exhibition' (Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Head Office, Matsuya Ginza/Tokyo)
Japan-China Young Artists Exchange Exhibition (Shanghai Yunma Art Museum/Shanghai, China).
Affordable art fair Singapore (F1 Pit/Singapore)
2016 'Monofu Hana' (FEIARTMUSEUMYOKOHAMA/Kanagawa)
2016 34th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition, Excellent Prize
2015 26th Garyu Sakura Japanese Painting Grand Prize Exhibition, Sakura Prize
Kamiyama Foundation Scholarship Achievement Exhibition, Excellent Prize
2013 ALBION AWARDS 2013 Gold Prize
13th Fukuchiyama City Taisei Sato Award, Special Prize, Mayor of Itabashi Ward Award
2016 The 34th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition, Fuji TV Prize Exhibition (Fuji TV 1st Floor Entrance Hall Gallery/Tokyo)
2015 The 9th Suga Tatehiko Grand Prize Exhibition (Kyoto Museum of Kyoto, Kurayoshi Museum/Kyoto and Tottori)
2014 Sesshu Art Association Japanese Painting Selection Special Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/Tokyo)
Public Collections
Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
Gosakura Museum of Art, Tokyo
Nichinan Town Art Museum, Tottori
Focusing on the material of rock paint, which is difficult to mix colours, her technique is characterised by the repetition of colouring the screen with layers of thin Japanese paper.
In recent years, she has been using scrap wood and materials from the places where she has stayed as a medium to depict the phenomena she has observed in gardens, suggesting an 'awareness' of coexistence with the natural environment.
The work suggests an "awareness" of coexisting with the natural environment.