2022/11/29(Tue) - 2022/12/15(Thu) Weekday:12:00~18:30 Holiday:12:00~17:00・No break during the session at GALLERY ISHIKAWA

Exhibition Concept With the theme of "Affirmation of Weakness" and "Ressentiment", I started working on this exhibition in 2022. RESSENTIMENT" means "the weak have feelings of resentment, envy, and jealousy toward the strong".

The main character (hamster) named BURUMORI is by far the weakest. This time, BURUMORI's work will depict 'after being oppressed, prediction of the violence that will happen in the future' and so on. I don't want to draw the scene of being ⚫︎ed, and maybe you may feel like oppressing BURUMORI in the work. But that sentiment has the potential to deter you from violence in the real world; there are no obvious natural enemies in BURUMORI's work. The viewer is BURUMORI's natural enemy. I think there are times in your life when you have wanted to oppress something weak other than yourself, even if only a little. All the viewers are the perpetrators of something that exists in the world. Please acknowledge that. And when you return to the real world, I hope you will be somewhat kinder. Even if you want to support or help the oppressed BURUMORI, it is just a canvas. May you be kind to the things and people around you, BURUMORI affirms weakness.