New monster road fifty-three times the Setsuyo Koukitsu exhibition

2022/07/30(Sat) - 2022/08/07(Sun) Weekday:12:00~18:30 Holiday:12:00~17:00・No break during the session at Gallery ISHIKAWA

In the same place and at the same time, but in a dimension that transcends the visible world, gods, evil spirits of rivers and mountains, and alien creatures have always existed in our human society, and are deeply involved in people's beliefs, religion, and history. Whether these beings are a product of the human imagination from which civilization emerged, or whether human civilization emerged because this dimension really exists, is an issue that neither logic nor science can fully define. However, I believe that the existence of such a being will allow people's aesthetic pursuits and imagination to continue to expand and create a more interesting world.

The purpose of this exhibition is to show the audience the overlapping of several dimensions that I have imagined.