Yusuke Kitsukawa


ALTERATION Yusuke Kitsukawa Solo exhibition

2022/08/27(Sat) - 2022/09/04(Sun) Weekday:12:00~18:30 Holiday:12:00~17:00・No break during the session at Gallery ISHIKAWA

It depicts a world that can only be seen at night.

People, objects, and space.
While the constituents of the world remain the same, the night greatly changes the visuals and people's minds (alteration).
Through the events that occur in the beautiful, gentle, yet somehow immoral urban space at night, the artist depicts the "light that illuminates the heart" that envelops people.
In this exhibition, the BOMB series, which has become synonymous with the artist, and the new series of FLASH, based on the concept of "becoming the lightning itself," will be on display, among many others.