(日本語) 「ever-changing ―立体グループ展ー」

2024/04/11(Thu) - 2024/04/17(Wed) (日本語) 10:30~20:30 ※最終日は午後6時閉場 at (日本語) Artglorieux GALLERY OF TOKYO 東京都中央区銀座六丁目10番1号 GINZA SIX 5階

(日本語) 〈出品予定作家〉浅野井春奈、田島享央己、戸泉恵徳、野原邦彦、藤本明洋、堀川由梨佳、宮間夕子、Yuta okuda(五十音順)


Artists make use of wood, stone, plastic and various other materials to manipulate and create forms in ever-changing manner, focusing on each material's distinctive properties and characteristics to seek out singular types of expression. This exhibition's artists aim to fully convey the fascinating qualities of forms and materials unique to three-dimensional art pieces. Experience ever-changing artistic expression that isn't confined to the frame.