Keisuke Haruyama


1984 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Design
2013 / Solo exhibition [ Kaze ] at Koenji amp cafe
2014 / Installation work / KUKAI at ANAGRA, Hanzomon
2015/ Solo exhibition [Blessing] at Doitsu Gallery
2015/ Ambition was selected for the 26th National Art Salon Painting Grand Prize Exhibition
2016/ Work 'Akira' selected for the Acrylic Gouache Biennale organised by Turner Colours Co.
2019 / The work "Lees #2" was selected for ART START UP 100 /reward prize



I express the transition of emotions in my heart with my painting titled "Wind" using a fine brush. The tremendous number of overlapping lines drawn with a fine brush sometimes swell majestically, and sometimes become "wind" that can be felt as a gentle warmth, blowing on the canvas. In the world that spreads out before my eyes, various events come to me. At that moment, the wind with color flows through my heart.